Sponsor & Partners

Connect with your customers and gain their trust by sharing a common interest when they are most likely to look for resources – at in-person events. As the only organization in Eastern Africa that brings together the people directly involved in all facets of professional marketing, the TMC’s Sponsorship Program is a unique and valuable opportunity to communicate to this select group.

If your company provides products and services to marketers, consider the potential of becoming a TMC sponsor:

The TMC is most widely recognized for producing paramount learning events through our round-table and networking series. Our events typically present a moderated panel of experts across a spectrum of selective topics. We bring  marketers together to inspire success, celebrate leadership and learn from experts on a broad range of topics. Our networking and learning events provide value to the people you want to influence and an accessible forum for you to meet them face-to-face.

Value of Sponsorship

  • Significant exposure leading up to and including the event or program itself.
  • Prominent recognition in our event promotions where relevant: email blasts, mass advertising including social media such as Twitter & LinkedIn.
  • Work with us and our contacts to create a unique audience experience.

For more information, contact: sponsorship@topmarketers.org